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How to Optimize the Denial Management Process?

Efficient denial management is the best thing practices can achieve to improve business revenue. The rise in claim denials in the healthcare management system is due to a variety of factors. Denials may occur due to some technical or minor coding errors.

Practices must resubmit their claims to get the money they are owed. The best thing practices can do to improve their bottom line is to optimize the denial management process and submit cleaner claims.

Poor claim processing management can have a negative impact on a revenue cycle and medical billing services near me. BellMedEx has a team of professional medical billers and coders who can help you keep your revenue cycle smooth. Our goal is to assist practitioners in streamlining their medical billing to increase reimbursement faster with efficiency.

Common Reasons for Claim Denials:

Medical billing services providers optimize your denial management process with efficient medical billing services. Here are a few Common reasons for claim denials:

Late Submission of Claims:

denial management process

Every claim has a deadline for submission and payment consideration. When a healthcare practice fails to submit a claim before the deadline, they are frequently forced to pay for it. Due to incomplete or lost super bills, also known as charge entry of patient services, healthcare providers often miss filing claims on time. Even corrected claims can be denied if they are submitted after the deadline.

Inconsistent Information

When data is entered incorrectly on a claim, the services and procedures are frequently denied. Data discrepancies can occur for a variety of reasons, including incorrect documentation of gender-specific conditions or inaccurate data entry.

The provider’s responsibility is to double-check a patient’s current information including any recent insurance changes. Medical billing services from a reputable company ensure the correct submission of claims.

It is suggested that practitioners use alert systems when an error or inconsistency occurs. If an alert system is in place, the error will prevent the claim from being processed and denied, saving time and money for providers.

Some medical billing and coding companies are so overworked or understaffed that they don’t have time to double-check vital information about the patients they diagnose and treat. Inadequate or incorrect patient information can lead to data errors and financial loss.

Denial Management Prevention 

It’s critical to create a system that effectively manages rejected claims for successful healthcare claims management. Most medical practice administrators are concerned when work allegations are made, especially when the claims are denied.

Understanding the potential income loss and initiating an efficient medical claims management process is critical to resolving these claims through medical billing services. The good flash is that even small changes significantly impact on your practice’s revenue cycle cash flow. Here are some pointers on correctly processing denied claims and increasing revenue generation efficiency.

Tracking Claims with a Streamlined Procedure:

It’s critical to keep a streamlined procedure for tracking denied claims in real-time. When denied claims fall through the cracks or take a long time to resolve, they will cause a significant delay in your practice’s cash flow.

How Bellmedex Assist You?

Team for Denial Management

denial management process

Setting up a solely responsible team for denial management makes it much easier to identify and resolve claim denials. This team can be tasked with processing the denied claim as soon as possible, resolving the issue, filing an appeal, and ensuring reimbursement.

Denial management software can be extremely beneficial because it relieves employees of the burden of analyzing claims, allowing them to focus on other areas. It’s also possible that you need to address coding issues or track patients or procedures more precisely to ensure that individual plans cover them.  Medical billing services near me address these issues and will help to increase the number of clean claims.

As a medical billing company, our primary goal is to thoroughly investigate each denial to determine the main reason and develop a strategy for reducing denials in the future. Our trained staff is well educated and expert in denial management to achieve the goals of improved cash flow with minimum denials.

Determine the Root Causes of Denial:

The cause of denial can be identified and sorted into groups while attending to denial claims. The insurer frequently mentions missing information, incorrect billing, non-covered services, and other factors when a claim is denied. These factors should be communicated to the relevant department, which provides the necessary education and training to avoid future claim denials.

Immediate Attention to Denied Claims

Re-editing and appeal submission is a time-consuming process; if not attended promptly, it can result in an appeal being missed or not being filed on time. This leads to a reduction in reimbursement and has an impact on overall revenue. To avoid this, BellMedEx addresses it right away.

Wrap up Thoughts

A successful denial management initiative relies on a long-term, technology-driven workflow backed by data inputs and workforce experience. Clean claim submission is a foundation for effective management and collection optimization. The main reason for claim denials is human errors during the claims submission process, which can usually be avoided.

Denial management is determining the reason for denial, re-editing, and filing a timely appeal to recover reimbursement for services rendered. Denial management of medical billing services near me includes tracking the reasons for claim denials and preventative measures to avoid future claim denials, which can help a practice’s financial health. BellMedEx has a dedicated team of experienced coders and billers who work to resolve all denials quickly, ensuring that no money is lost due to denials. Contact us today to learn more about how our ideological commitment can help you optimize medical billing and increase practice revenue.

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