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Greg Reviews Bellmedex
Gregg L Small


Amazing customer service, they are really good at answering questions and they get back to us really quick. They answer our calls and emails instantly. Overall, we are really happy with their service.

Esther Park D O reviews Bellmedex
Esther Park

Oak Health Center

Thanks to Bell MedEx our billing reimbursement is at its highest since we became a group practice. Teaming with Bell MedEx maximizes efficiency of the insurance collections process. I regret not having met this company much sooner!

Wendy Hoffman reviews Bellmedex
Wendy Hoffman

Trivek Health Solutions

I am very happy with the service provided by Bell MedEx. Mr. Brown responses so promptly to my emails and questions, the billing goes through immediately, everyone is very accommodating, and everything feels very smooth.


Dr Stefan Black reviews Bellmedex
Dr. Stefan Black

Family First Chiropractic

I am impressed with the services and support, I have seen a growth in my revenue in just a few months. Bellmedex is incredible. Highly recommended. 

Dr Peter Mikhail reviews Bellmedex
Dr. Peter Mikhail

Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery

My practice has been using Bell MedEx for our billing company for almost 2 years. We are very pleased with their company. They always file claims in a timely manner and are excellent at communicating with my office staff. I would highly recommend Bell MedEx to my colleagues.

Dr David Gelineau reviews Bellmedex
David J. Gelineau

Dracut Chiropractic Center,

I can’t say enough about Bell MedEx: they respond to my inquiries within hours not days, they will argue with insurance for an hour to collect every penny owed, they learned my chiropractic software quickly and their fees are very reasonable.  My life is easier because of Bell MedEx.

washington baquero reviews Bellmedex
Dr. Washington Baquero

Family Medicine

I am very pleased with Bell MedEx billing service. They have been very professional in processing the claims in a timely manner. They are very efficient and accurate in their work. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Lionel Reviews Bellmedex
Lionel Larmanger


Bell Medex has done a great job at learning our internal company software and the state software and billing through the state directly. The communication has always been very professional and pleasant. They ventured into unknown territory of providing billing services for an In Home Care Agency and have done very well in mastering the needs of state clients that we serve.

Viviane Hens reviews Bellmedex
Ana and Viviane Hens

Atlanta International Counseling

Bell MedEx is our choice for insurance billing. They always go above and beyond. We are 100% satisfied with their team and their professional approach, particularly by their always prompt response to our inquiries. We highly recommend their billing services.

LeslieM Reviews Bellmedex
Leslie Dawdy

Peak Family Practice

Bell MedEx has changed our practice! They are responsive to our needs and reasonable on pricing. When we changed to Bell MedEx we changed over to efficiency and accuracy! Thank you – Bell MedEx!

Phillip Clifford reviews Bellmedex
Phillip Clifford​

New Horizon Hospital

Crystal Rainbow and BellMedEx!!!! All I can say is phenomenal support and professionalism in assisting us with our new start-up specialty hospital! The knowledge of the billing team has made this just amazing! Thank you Crystal and Thank you Daniel!!

Dr Hengameh reviews Bellmedex
Dr. Hengameh Roohi

Psychologist Sacramento

I am very happy with the service provided by Bell MedEx. Mr. Brown responses so promptly to my emails and questions, the billing goes through immediately, everyone is very accommodating, and everything feels very smooth.

Rajeev Patel Reviews Bellmedex
Dr. Rajeev Patel

CEO Depalt Inc.

I have been very happy using Bell MedEx for my medical practice billing. I have been with Bell MedEx for the past about 2 years.

Dan Buchanan Reviews Bellmedex
Dan Buchanan

Mental Health Counselor

Bell MedEx has provided vital services which have allowed my practice to grow. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Dr David I Levenson MD Reviews Bellmedex
Dr. David I. Levenson


Very responsive. Most emails are addressed the same business day. They take the time to individualize their approach for our specific office needs.

Dr Heidi Fennell Reviews Bellmedex
Dr. Heidi Fennell

Inner Movement Wellness

The first time I called BellMedex I was unsure about changing from in-house billing to a billing company. Jay spent almost an hour answering all of my questions very thoroughly and very patiently. After calling a few of the doctors from their testimonials and hearing great reviews I decided to sign on. BellMedex billing team (Daniel, Matthew, Jason and Alen) have been very thorough from day one. They send monthly reports without being prompted and answer our questions via phone or email very promptly. Collections have been steady and they are very good with following up on unpaid claims to get them paid. We enjoy working with them and feel they give very good service to us. We would recommend them highly!

Melissa Schneider


I was just looking at our billing Master Issues list which we started using in March.  I was floored to see that our billing department has resolved more than ONE THOUSAND billing issues this year representing over 350K in claims dollars.  (As counted by the rows in our Completed tab).  By contrast, we have 53 current issues, and have only failed to resolve about 40 accounts (just under 9K worth of claims/client responsibility).  

If my math is right, that means we’ve resolved 92% of our billing issues.  The total amount resolved is equivalent to several people’s annual salaries on our team and is thus a critical piece of our ability to grow and increase compensation at RCC.  

That’s pretty amazing work and I am grateful for Elizabeth Beckley’s help and our partnership with Baker and the team at Bellmedex.  

Great work to all!

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