Medical billing services for small practices

Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

Most doctors start their practice to serve their patients better and enhance their relationships. However, it’s increasingly difficult to stay afloat with the Affordable Care Act, ICD-10 modifications, and other variables affecting medical billing compliance.

Some aspects of your medical practice have a significant financial influence on the revenues. When you handle these areas in a way that is consistent with good business practice, you undoubtedly improve your organization’s financial health while freeing up more time to accomplish what you started: care for patients.

Front Desk Staff

According to a review by a Medical Billing company, several medical offices repeatedly undervalue the importance of the front desk staff. In general, front office staff must be pleasant, competent to keep track of appointments, call insurance companies, and direct patients to the appropriate location. The front desk is your practice’s public face, and it needs to be a multi-tasking force. You want someone who provides an excellent first impression, is knowledgeable and can answer patients’ inquiries. Your front desk staff’s actions can either keep a patient alive and well or cause them never to return. Therefore, you need the right front-desk personnel.

Medical billing services for small practices

When it comes to medical billing, BellMedEx is unquestionably the best option. Medical billing companies manage all the billing and enable faster reimbursement. Hiring a medical billing company is the best option compared to hiring in-house staff as it is cost-effective and efficient.

Medical billing companies have efficient teams to process claims and manage denials. Many software programs assist in medical billing. Medical billing companies also use them to make the tasks easier. We assure you that our systems meet all current practice management and medical billing requirements.

Accurate Medical Billing Is a Necessity

Medical billing services have become mandatory for timely reimbursement of medical services.

Physicians do hire billers in-house to handle medical billing and coding companies. However, billers and coders face a problematic situation due to the various and continuously changing rules and regulations in the healthcare industry. Keeping up with developments can be a difficult task. It’s critical for a small practice’s claims to be coded correctly and submitted on time. Every process/stage of the healthcare revenue cycle is vital and must be completed flawlessly. Therefore, doing it in-house becomes a complex process. It’s a Smart Move to Outsource Medical Billing.

Outsourcing medical billing services for small practices would be wise for a successful revenue cycle, increased cash flow, and cost savings on fixed and variable expenses. Medical billing businesses, on the whole, have the resources to ensure accurate billing, timely claim filing, and continuous claim follow-up. Efficient medical billers do the tasks of clearing claims and denial management easily in less time and cost.

Medical billing services for small practices

BellMedEx has serviced medical professionals for over 6 years as a medical billing company. We’ve had the honor of assisting small practices in increasing their profits. The backbone of any community is solo and small practices. We provide dedicated medical billing services for small practices and large practices, allowing doctors to concentrate on delivering exceptional patient care.

BellMedEx Medical Billing Services

BellMedEx provides complete medical billing services to meet your desired goals. Below are few of them.

Increased savings

You’ll save money on both capital and ongoing expenses. Office space, furniture, hardware and software, and up-gradation are all capital expenses might reduce. Salary and related employee expenses, staff training, and office consumables are included in monthly savings. The most significant benefit of using outsource medical billing services is significantly reducing costs.

Reduced Billing Errors

Our billers receive ongoing training to keep them updated on industry changes. Processes are being streamlined, and changes are being made regularly. Our claims are error-free as a result of this and the fact that our billers are knowledgeable.

Improved Cash Flow

Medical billing services for small and big clinics include timely claim submission and active pursuit of claims. We ensure that your claims are reimbursed swiftly and with as few denials as possible, allowing you to boost your cash flow.

HIPAA Compliance

We keep your patient information secure. In addition, all processes are transparent, and you may check the status of your claims at any time. We follow HIPAA guidelines. Furthermore, we keep patient information safe and secure.

We process your files within a day or two of receiving them from the patients. Our billing team comprises professional and skilled billers who can work quickly.

Patients Help Desk

Our team not only interacts with payers but they interact with patients also. We clarify patients’ doubts and keep them informed regarding their financial responsibility if any. So patients too are happy with our services. We are committed to assisting small practices to increase their profits and move to the next level.

Our medical billing services for small practices involve clear communication with the payers and the patients. We answer patients’ questions and keep them informed about their financial obligations if any exist. As a result, our patients are pleased with our services. We are dedicated to aiding small practices in growing their profitability and moving up the ladder.

If you want to grow your services and are interested in making a handsome profit, Choose BellMedEx medical billing services for small practices and large ones. We ensure timely payments and reimbursement that make practices profitable. For further information, visit our website or request a demo.

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