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Get the best medical clearinghouse that helps you get paid on time without any hassle.

Rev Up Your Success with FusionEDI

Accuracy, automation & integration. Start using a better medical billing clearinghouse that does the trick without any fuss. With recent regulation changes, navigating the healthcare revenue cycle can be tricky. Understanding what the healthcare providers needs to comply with can be costly. That is why FusionEDI is the best and affordable medical billing clearinghouse software on the market, guaranteed to help save time and get you paid faster!

Credentialing and Enrollment Services

Clear Up Claims Bottlenecks with Ease!

FusionEDI provides complete accuracy with automation & integration to turn painstakingly long process of claims into a fast and efficient automated process.

Integrated HIPAA-Compliant Clearinghouse Solutions

FusionEDI offers great convenience by integrating all electronic claims and remittance procedure with our medical billing software. You can submit electronic claims to several insurers, receive electronic remittance advice (ERA) reports and verify insurance eligibility as well in a secure manner that meets the strict standards and guidelines laid down by a HIPAA.

Here’s How FusionEDI Works

When you post charges, claims are automatically scrubbed for error-free accuracy within just seconds. You can immediately submit claims to our networks of carriers.

You can also keep track of all your claims with our integrated claim submission reports that gives a real insight into what has been happening with your claims.

Medical Billing fusionedi clearinghouse

Key Features

Electronic Claims

Submit insurance claims electronically and get paid faster. FusionEDI allows you to submit electronic claims to numerous payers and insurance companies and receive detailed and timely reports about the claim processing with status updates on your claims.

Claims Scrubbing

FusionEDI scrubs medical claims to ensure correct and error-free data entry for properly processed claims. No need to worry about rejected claims as we offer a rigorous error-checking system to ensure first-time claim submission to payers and reduce the workload on your staff.

Claims Analytics

FusionEDI provides multiple-level reporting as your claims make their way through the submission and adjudication process as well as reviews all of your claims and return internal validation reports to highlight claims with missing or incorrect information, like missing patient information, or incorrect policy numbers.

Resolve Denials/Rejected Claims

Working the denials and rejections has never been easy, but with FusionEDI claim follow up module you can track and chase claims before they fall into cracks and never get paid.

Sent File & Claim Status Reports

Get complete and detailed reports about the status of all your claims. FusionEDI ensures to keep you up-to-date with all the claims processing details, providing a bird’s eye view.

Secondary Claims Processing

For clients with multiple insurance coverage, FusionEDI lets you send primary and secondary electronic claims in the industry-standard format directly to payers and commercial insurance companies with ease.

User-Friendly Interface

FusionEDI is a premier choice for all medical claims processing. Our clearinghouse software is built by healthcare experts for healthcare experts, upholding the exceptional standards with regards to customer service, as well as in compliance with HIPPA guidelines.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

Electronic remittance advice or ERA will save you precious time and get you paid faster by automatically posting insurance payments. You can receive ERA reports, receive a detailed receipt of an electronic funds transfer (EFT), and also use ERA reports to reconcile balances.

Patient Statement Services

Forget about paper statements or delays and make it easy for your staff by using our automated Patient Statement services. FusionEDI’s state-of-the-art system sends out itemized electronic statements detailing what each patient has to pay, including service dates, charges, and transaction descriptions along with the patient's demographic.

Insurance Eligibility

Increase collections by verifying every patient's insurance eligibility and eliminate uncollectible revenue from patients with invalid or insufficient insurance benefits. Verify insurance prior to appointment scheduling and receive a real-time response with complete details about the patient's benefits.

Need Quality Data Delivered Promptly and Without Delays?

Complete Credentialing & Enrollment Services

denial management in medical billing

We offer initial and ongoing Provide Credentialing as our dedicated team can take care of the long and strenuous process. Our team is well experienced in all regions and knows the ins and outs of each and every government and commercial payer credentialing. Here’s how we do it:

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