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Delivering Comprehensive Document Solutions to Your Practice’s Needs edms system document management system

Streamline Your Workflow

Have you exhausted from risk, time, resources, and space to manage your business documents manually? Go paperless with DocuHub document management system that enables managing documents electronically. DocuHub, a web-based application with comprehensive document management capabilities keeps the entire information properly compiled in one place and improves business productivity.

DocuHub streamlines your workflow and simplifies business processes. It enables the organization to exchange transactional information and respond more quickly to new or changing business environments. With DocuHub, all your essential documents are electronically stored and organized in ways that are suitable for your workflow and access needs. An effective combination of workflow, team collaboration, Provider Credentialing and document management, DocuHub is an easy-to-use software to manage clinical documents efficiently.

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Document Management

DocuHub stores, manages, and tracks electronic documents yielding greater efficiency and provides the ability to reuse information and control the flow of the documents. DocuHub allows email, download, update, and export documents and converts them into a zip file. It combines all necessary document management, collaboration, and advanced search features into a single, simple-to-use solution. It keeps a valuable archive of organizational information assets to help with knowledge development and business decision-making.

Delivering Comprehensive Document Solutions for Your Practice’s Needs

DocuHub’s cloud-based document management tool implements technical, administrative security protocols to safeguard the integrity, availability and confidentiality of all your online information and data

Documents Management and Sharing

DocuHub allows efficient controlling of documents, creation, maintenance, utilization, sharing with the staff members as well as your billing company vendor, and keep information about business activities and transactions. Our medical document management system manages records over time and provides access to them. DocuHub gives you a real insight of your pending, in progress and completed documents of charges, payments and denials so you can keep a close look at what your billing is doing on a daily basis.

DocuHub uploads your documents securely and lets you search required documents easily with search filters. DocuHub’s search feature makes it simple and intuitive to find documents while also saving you time by merging several documents.

DocuHub is a fully encrypted HIPAA Compliant document management software providing electronic document management efficiently and cost-effectively. Security is our top priority. We ensure the security and availability of patient health information.

DocuHub is accessible from anywhere, making it simple for employees to operate away from the workplace while accessing and managing information securely.

Workflow Automation

Say goodbye to tedious and repetitive manual processes with simple workflow automation. DocuHub files and streamlines everyday document management tasks while increasing productivity and let you focus on your work rather than managing paperwork.

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