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14 Prime Reasons to Outsource Medical Billing

Outsource medical billing is a safer choice for expanding the practice since in-house medical billing can be a challenging task for practitioners and its complexities can be more hazardous in addition to a busy schedule.

Outsourcing saves time and money, eliminates the burden of concentrating on too many aspects of the medical office, and results in profitable revenue growth. If you want to minimize operational losses, outsourcing your medical billing should be your way forward.

Below are several major reasons why outsourcing is so important for healthcare providers:

Increased Control:

Medical billing companies have better control over the billing processes and revenue collection. Billing companies take the responsibility to finish the task quicker with expected revenue profits and payments. Outsourcing provides operational benefits, increased control, quick resubmission of claims, and faster payment collections.

Medical Billing and Coding Experts:

Medical billing companies have expert teams that reduce the likelihood of claim denials as they know how to approach the payer for full payment using their expertise and knowledge in the medical billing and coding field.

outsource medical billing


Patient Insurance Eligibility:

Revenue cycle management companies work closely with insurance companies, check patient insurance eligibility, and understand their process, resulting in faster revenue recovery for clients.

Frees Up Your Time: 

As a physician, you get enough time to focus on treating patients. Doctors know they can’t give proper time to medical billing in their busy schedules. Outsource medical billing company frees up your time and lets you keep your focus on your patients.

Stay updated with the Changing Regulations:

Keeping updated with the changing regulations can be time-consuming and hectic for any practice. By outsourcing medical billing requirements, practitioners save them from this hassle. BellMedex being a medical billing and coding company manages these services for healthcare providers and stays updated with the changing regulations.

Compliance Standards:

Billing companies are fully aware of HIPAA Compliance and all guidelines for performing tasks under the regulations that prevent fraud and violence.

Eliminates Billing Errors:

Healthcare providers cannot afford to make mistakes in claim submission because it may result in a huge loss. Through by outsourcing medical billing services, the business gains leverage over preventing mistakes and minimize denials.  Medical billing companies have effective denial management services that involve regular tracking of submitted claims as well as the ability to make a post-payment without delay. Our experienced and professional medical billers ensure accurate and timely submitted claims that reduce the number of denials and rejections & maximize reimbursements.

AR Management and Revenue Recovery:

Outsourcing medical billing increases collections for healthcare practitioners by using their AR recovery skills. They follow up with insurance providers on the revised status to ensure more reimbursements.

outsource medical billing


Patient-Centric Care:

Outsourcing medical billing services allows doctors to pay more attention to patient care while patients are free from the burden of dealing with financial issues at the doctor’s office. Expert outsourcing companies handle all the medical billing services and healthcare providers can ensure patient responsibility throughout their stay because patients don’t have to deal with financial problems and everyone can work efficiently.

Improves Patient Satisfaction:

Outsourcing can boost productivity, performance, and employee morale by relieving pressure of the front office. It also improves patients’ satisfaction and patients flow.

Ensures Billing Compliance:

Healthcare is a rapidly changing market and insurance providers are partially to blame. One factor that makes medical billing difficult is keeping up with changes in payer policy. Outsourcing companies understand billing compliance and streamline overall workflow.

Saves Money:

If healthcare professionals are into a small business, employing well-trained medical billing and coding staff can be expensive and their business would be at risk to take over financial problems. An average practice spends about 30% of its collections on the in-house medical billing processes while a small percentage of your profits becomes the charges of outsourcing medical billing services. Therefore, healthcare providers can save a lot of unnecessary costs by outsourcing medical billing services.

Improves Cash Flow:

When you outsource medical billing, you can boost your revenue manifold. A medical billing company uses trained staff to manage billing, coding, claims submission, denials management to make the overall billing process smooth and improves cash flow.

outsource medical billing


Consistent Support:

Outsource medical billing services include management of all billing needs, denial management, and aging recovery. They support healthcare professionals throughout the agreed time and reduce healthcare professionals’ burden while increasing their revenues.

BellMedex specializes in medical billing and denial reductions to get you paid faster. At BellMedEx we have systems in place to submit clean claims more than 98% of the time, ensure timely submission of medical claims, follow-up on aging A/R daily, and increase reimbursements.

Our expert teams of billing, coding and AR Recovery are efficient in faster collections and claims resubmissions. We have better control over the medical billing process and revenue payments involved. We take the responsibility to finish the task quicker with expected revenue profits and payments. We are HIPAA Compliant and take care of each aspect of medical billing for quick payment recovery.

Our billing and coding teams are experts in revenue management and aging recovery. If you are looking for efficient outsource medical billing services, BellMedex is here to help.

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      When you outsource to a company like ours then you will find any influx of business will be fully supported as well as your AR numbers dropping from the excess of employee’s we are able to allot to your account. We are both responsive and aggressive towards collecting your revenue and this makes the partnership mutual. We support our clients fully so they have the ability to focus on growth and expanding their business. This makes the most important part of the business thrive, the money. no business can grow if they are unsure of their revenue. I sent you some information and encourage you to reach out to me directly if you have further questions on how BellMedEx could assist your facility in the upcoming future.

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