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Key Features of Medical Billing Services

BellMedex Medical billing and coding services can do a lot to help you run your medical practice efficiently while growing your practice. Our free medical billing software enables you to manage all the patients’ data, improve your practice profitability, increase the number of patients, increase collection rates and reduce denied claims.

Error-Free Charge Entry

We provide detailed error-free charge entry to ensure first-time approved claim submission. We take the demographics and charge info for each patient from you. Our billers enter the charges daily for the claim processing.

Real-Time Insurance Verification

We confirm every patients’ insurance eligibility to streamline your process, shorten account receivable days, and avoid denials.

Claim Submission and Scrubbing

Our billing experts and scrubbing process make sure clean claims are submitted. If there are any rejections, after corrections, re-submission is done the same day.

Payment Posting

ERAs and EOBs are verified and posted on time. The remaining balances are posted to the patient's account. We verify to make sure appropriate payment is made on each claim.

Patient Statements

After confirmed appropriate payment from all payers, if the remaining balance is owed by a patient, a detailed statement is generated to send to the patient showing the due balance.

Follow-Up & Appeals

In case of a denial, our A/R specialists work on the cause of denial to resolve the problem and process the due payment.

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The Best Medical Billing Services

BellMedex simplifies your billing, eradicates administrative burdens, boosts your revenue, and modernizes each and every piece of your practice management. Our dedication towards efficient billing can be seen in the shape of more income and profit margins for your practice.


We understand your practice needs and give you the best possible ROI by focusing on Key areas of the billing and revenue cycle to get rid of the revenue leaks once and for all leaving you to focus more on delivering quality care to patients.

Right Medical Billing to Double Grow Your Revenue

We assist you in managing your billing services to let you focus on patient-centered care while managing, retaining, and attracting new customers.

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