Why BellMedEx Stand Out From Other Medical Billing Service Companies?

The relationship with your medical billing company needs to be a true partnership, as you are trusting medical billing service companies to increase your cash flow, revenues, and patient satisfaction to an extent.

The practice depends on the medical billing company’s expertise, workflows, and professionalism to become profitable. If the medical billing service companies show negligence in their required efficiency, minor disruptions can become sizable problems quickly.  

We at BellMedEx understand the value of all processes in medical billing and perform them well to stand you out from the crowd.

  • 97% of our claims get paid on the first submission
  • Our turnaround is 7 – 14 days
  • We provide financial reports after 15 days
  • We provide 100% free EHR
  • Our Eligibility Verification time is minimum
  • Our claim processing is 10 times faster as we use EHR software and expert teams to make it faster.
medical billing service companies

Get Your Claims Paid Faster With BellMedEx; One of the Best Medical Billing Service Companies

1.      Suitable for Specialty Practices:

Having expertise in various specialty billing immediately helps you raise your revenue. We process all claims on time to enhance earnings and collections while minimizing billing expenses.

2.      Medical Billing Industry Experience:

BellMedEx has over 6 years of experience in the healthcare industry, delivering comprehensive medical billing services to hospitals, practitioners, and small clinics. When considering outsourcing your medical billing service, hiring specialty-specific billing experts for your medical practice makes sense.

BellMedEx is one of the best medical billing service companies in providing efficient medical billing services to practitioners, doctors, and small clinicians. Our long list of satisfied customers displays our expertise in various fields. Our expertise in various specialties immediately help you raise your revenue.

medical billing service companies

3.      Appropriate Technological Functions

Technology has played a crucial role in the development of the healthcare industry. The rapid advancement in technology has introduced innovative procedures to streamline every medical function and improve healthcare service quality.

Electronic health record software redefines the overall medical billing process, reduces errors, and focuses on managing better care for the patients.

4.      Transparency & Communication:

Every practice has its own set of issues, but practically every medical practice may benefit from a medical billing services company in increasing reimbursement rates and lowering costs. People may choose to outsource medical billing and collections for various reasons. Perhaps you’re working with a small team and don’t have the workforce to manage that money stream. Perhaps you require assistance with cash flow management.

If your company has problems revising denials or a higher-than-expected number of claims are being returned due to erroneous coding or patient data. It is time to hire one of the best medical billing service companies.

We submit claims electronically and verify them before filing. In the medical billing sector, our reporting techniques and processes are unique.

5.      Assistance to Specialty Practices

It’s critical to ensure that the medical billing businesses you’re considering are well-versed in your particular profession. Specialty services have different billing codes and documentation requirements than standard services offered by family practitioners and PAs.

Working with a medical billing company specializing in your practice is always preferable. These companies give continual training to ensure that their employees are up to date on new rules and regulations. Specialty providers know how to avoid costly mistakes that could limit or deny your reimbursement.

6.      Experience in the Medical Billing Industry

We recognize that everyone needs to start somewhere, but entrusting your revenue to a new billing company is not wise. Choose one of the best medical billing service companies that provide 24-hour assistance and have a proven track record, verifiable references, and evidence of working in your medical specialization. Inquire about the firm’s proactive risk management and security.

The medical billing business you choose should have a vision for the future, with plans and solutions, as well as a scalable technological network.

7.      Appropriate Technological Functions and Capabilities:

When you entrust your billable charges to an outside medical billing service company, make sure they use efficient Practice Management and EHR software. Moreover, they also use advanced systems to support your medical billing effectively.

In addition, they use interoperability-enabled technology that helps medical offices identify and solve potential billing issues more quickly and easily, saving staff time, money, and stress.

8.      Training and Resources Aplenty

The best medical billing service companies provide their employees with continuing, in-depth training. It’s also critical to work with a medical billing company that offers enough training and professional development to front-line and back-office workers.

9.      Communication & Transparency

It may be difficult to find time to teach your personnel, especially if your business is expanding. That’s why working with the best medical billing service companies is mandatory to ensure a successful medical billing process.

10. Important Points to Remember

Whether your company is experiencing a growth spurt or you’re searching for ways to make your practice more efficient, you can make efforts to bring in new patients; outsourcing medical billing services becomes mandatory. Getting medical billing services from an experienced company brings many benefits and streamlines your business functions.

Have you considered outsourcing your medical billing services? We can help you in providing the best medical billing services. Our expert billing and coding teams clear your pending claims, increase clean claims rates, and boost business revenue in the best way possible to stand you out from the crowd.

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