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From Financial Losses to Financial Success: How BellMedex and MediFusion Rescued a DME Client

In healthcare, billing is crucial for ensuring quality patient care and fair compensation for providers. Unfortunately, not all billing companies can deliver the necessary level of service to comply with regulations and prevent financial losses. This was the case for a DME client who had signed up with an underperforming billing company. However, with BellMedex and MediFusion, all the client’s problems were solved.


The DME industry is heavily regulated, and poor billing practices can lead to financial losses. The client was facing missed billing and software access issues due to their previous vendor. This resulted in significant financial losses with over 800 bills pending in arrears and the client losing an average of $25k per month while also having zero visibility into the cause of these heavy losses.


BellMedex and MediFusion onboarded the client onto the MediFusion platform, providing complete visibility of billing information, identifying missed charges, and taking care of old and new charges promptly.

Onboarding into New Billing Software

BellMedex and MediFusion onboarded the client onto the MediFusion billing platform, identifying missed billing issues, and ensuring compliance with regulations. The configuration was quick and easy, a turn-key experience.

Identifying Missed Charges

BellMedex and MediFusion identified missed charges promptly, ensuring fair compensation for the client’s services and preventing further financial losses. The hundreds of claims in arrears were corrected in short order. 

Providing Complete Visibility

BellMedex and MediFusion provided the client with complete visibility of their billing information and addressed all billing concerns promptly, building a strong relationship with the client.

Taking Care of New Charges

BellMedex and MediFusion took care of new charges, allowing the client to focus on providing quality patient care without the revenue and cash flow stress that existed previously.


BellMedex and MediFusion identified and resolved all missed billing issues, saving significant financial losses. The client expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the services provided and recommended more business to both BellMedex and MediFusion.


BellMedex and MediFusion’s successful intervention rescued a DME client from major cash flow stress and replaced it with peace of mind and the ability to focus on the next goal for the business.

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