Cleaner Claims, Higher Payouts

Ensures 100% Cleaner Claims with BellMedex

Reduce Claim Denials and Get Paid Faster

BellMedex claim scrubbing increases the likelihood of receiving payments faster, validates files for the insurance companies, highlights potential problems on claims, and ensures HIPAA compliance for all claims.

Clean scrubbing services decrease the time of receiving payments from the insurances

Boost Revenue

Reduce Denials

Improve Cash Flow

Enables appropriate edits before filing

Clean claims that indicate warnings and errors.

Submit Clean Claims and Increase ROI

Our team has extensive claim scrubbing knowledge and expertise to ensure claim accuracy, quick payment recovery, and minimal denials. It maximizes the cash flow of the practice while minimizing the resource burden for denial management and follow-up.

The following details are subject to review as part of medical claims scrubbing:

Patient/provider data

Insurer/Insured data

Medical Necessity

Procedures carried out in response to the diagnosis.

Procedures for different ages and genders

Data is tested according to Medicare, Medicaid, and other coding rules

Revenue Cycle Solutions

Why Claim Scrubbing is Important?

Medical Insurance Claims Scrubbing is a critical part of the Revenue Cycle Management process. Claim rejections are most often caused by human error as a result of a failure to verify the claim before it is submitted. Therefore, before the claim submission to the health insurance company for processing, it must be validated. Even if the billing company has submitted 100% clean claims and you have seen an improvement in your cash flow, but that doesn’t guarantee there won’t be denials. A clean claim can also be denied for various reasons.

There can be different scenarios for all. In any case, our specialists keep strong communications with clinicians, medical billing staff, insurance companies, and patients to make informed decisions. At BellMedex, our claim management team is well aware of all the possible reasons for claims denials and has extensive knowledge of clean claims for higher reimbursements.

Claim Denial Reasons

Simple typing errors such as patients’ names being misspelled or digits in an ID number can be missing. These are quick fixes, but they do prolong the revenue cycle. Our team takes care of these errors to minimize claim denials at all costs.

Incorrect diagnosis codes can lead to claim denials.

Different insurances have different policies and deadlines for claims submission. Our team clear things up with a phone call and add details where necessary to minimize claims denials.

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