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BellMedex’s comprehensive medical billing solution has been well received by a number of healthcare facilities. With BellMedex handling your medical billing, you can be assured that our trained professionals will help you improve your bottom line.

Count on BellMedex to Deliver!

Improve productivity, save time and ensure timely reimbursement with BellMedex’s Medical Billing Solutions. We know charge entry is an integral part of any successful organization as it can make or break your revenue cycle. Such a task can be hectic for your staff. So let BellMedex streamline the repetitive data entry process so your staff can work more freely.

The Perks of BellMedex’s Charge Entry Services

Improved productivity and consistently accurate results from our entry process to boost your practice’s revenue cycle.

No more claim denials or rejection as we perform real-time code checking.

Complete competency across all medical specialties as our team of experts are knowledgeable while posting ICD/CPT codes for each specialty.

Timely file all claims to deliver a quick turnaround time. You can track claims through each stage of our charge entry process.

Experience a significant dip in claim denials. Track and identify each denial trend on a daily basis.

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Why Us?

At BellMedex, we follow a structured, tried-and-tested charge entry process. Each step is carefully followed through with required checks at each step of the process. Our structured approach is guaranteed to provide completely accurate, error-free charge entry process to our clients.

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How We Streamline the Process

Scan and route receipt of document such as superbills, charge tickets and associated clinical documentation via our cloud-based Medical Billing system.

Review patient data, including demographic information, billing provider, service date and time, referring healthcare provider, post ICD/CPT codes and append modifiers with corresponding charges.

Automate workflow to provide regular reporting and submit completed claims to the payer via our integrated clearinghouse service.

Review imported charges for quality assurance to identify any missed charges, over-billing and ensuring complete accuracy prior to billing.

Review any and all pending charges with the client on a daily basis to reduce backlog.

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